Hold a hands-free call from the boardroom or your
bedroom. Reliable Bluetooth connectivity and advanced
noise cancellation lets you focus on your conversation
without interference.


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Peace of mind as you power up.
Designed with 7 different auto-protection features, from temperature
control to short-circuit protection, for worry-free charging.
Short-Circuit Protection
Over Charge / Discharge Control
Temperature Control
Over Voltage Protection
Water Prevention
Over Current Protection
Incorrect Insert Protection
360° Far-Field Voice Pick Up
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Crystal Clear Sound
See how much power you have left with a quick
glance at the LED indicator.
Noise Cancellation Tech
Keep your portable devices powered while
you’re on the go.
Instant Plug & Play Setup
on’t make hungry batteries wait in line. Charge
multiple devices at the same time.
Power up in no time
with USB PD 3.0
Our power banks use the latest fast-charging
standard: USB PD 3.0. So they charge your
devices up to X.X times faster than a
standard 5W powerbank.

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